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SystemFrame PT01

Lightweight aluminum frame specialized for PT-059/058

How to Use

Specifically for SystemFrame PT01

FIX Tplate 01

It is a attachment dedicated to the FIX SystemFrame. The lens can be stored to the frame top and combining it with the "FIX M52 Lens Holder". 

FIX Handsupport 01
A hand strap that holds the right hand side. You can easily hold the frame, operate and shoot with one hand firmly.

FIX Shoemount 01
It can be attached to the frame top and used as an accessory shoe. You can use any cold shoe accessories.

Please check the manual movie before use.
Improper use may result in a permanent unrepairable damege.
This product is made by machining method. Accordingly, there may be small scratches or tool cutting marks. These are part of manufacturing process, are normal, do not effect operation, and are not subject to warranty or any other claims.

If the product is moved on land about two FIX NEO lights or more, the aluminum frame may not be able to withstand the load and may bend.
When moving, be careful not to put an extreme load on the frame.
Do not use the system frame underwater to maintain the system or use it as a tool to raise the system. It may damage or bend the frame.


Body material Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, rubber
Size 225x184x58mm
Weight 385g(Air)・230g(Water)
Bundled items Direct base, screw, Allen wrench, Opener ring

Specification design is subject to change without notice.