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  • FIX NEO Premium 4030 DX II

FIX NEO Premium 4030 DX II

Stealth Black #30508
Frosted Silver #30509

Dome Lens

120 degrees super wide beam with dome lens. The NEO Premium 4030 DX II irradiates a subject really over a wide area. The lens of dome is detachable.

CRI Explained

CRI has been defined as, "The effect of a light on the color appearance of objects by comparison of the object under a reference light." The CRI index reference light holds a score of 100, meaning the higher CRI for real lights the better. For underwater photographers, this means the NEO Premium 4030 reveals even more brilliant colors from underwater reefs scenes and magnificent animals.
Photo:Akinobu Kimura

Remote control system

The FIX NEO FR1/FR1E Remote Control unit are small controller for the FIX NEO DX II light systems. Put control of your lights within thumb's reach. The remote controller unit can be mounted to the handle systems of your housing or the handles on your tray and arm system.


Lumens (EF/Wide) 4000lm(EF)/3000lm(Wide)
Beam angle 120deg(w/dome)/100deg(wo/dome)
Color temperature 5000K
Color rendering index Ra90
Continuous burn time 30mins
Usability in air N/A
Charge time 3 hours
Battery capacity 3600mAh
Materials Aluminum alloy, Reinforced resin
Depth rating 100m
Size 66dia x L138mm
Weight (in air) 435g
Weight (underwater) 132g
Color Stealth Black/Frosted Silver
Bundled items Li-ion Battery 3600L/NEO Charger/Charging Plug II/Charging Connector Cap II/NEO Dome Lens/NEO Dome Ring/NEO Gungrip/NEO YS Base/Ball Adapter/GoPro Adapter/Loc-Line Adapter/Wrist Lanyard/Spare O-ring/O-ring Remover/O-ring Grease/Allen Key/Lock Screw