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Maximum exposure at 3500 lumens

24 highly luminance 1.2 Watt white LEDs delivers brightness up to the 3500 lumens. Almost 115 degrees wide and spotless light beam is ideal for both, still and video underwater shooting.


Control interface

The control interface is located on the rear end to be easy to operate. The push button controls the output on predefined steps basis and the wheel dial smoothly increase or decrease the output power by 2%.

LCD information display

The LCD display is located on the rear end and constantly displays information about the actual output power, remaining battery life, inner temperature and remaining burning time. Alert is shown in case of emergency. The backlit technology makes the display visible even in deep or murky water.

Arms system

The YS adaptor is included so the light can be connected to your arm system. If attached to the handgrip, also included, it can serve as well as the hand light. Various options, like the ball joint or direct base, are available. Please check with your distributor.

Extended battery

The 12.6V and 3100mAh battery pack is removable so the light can travel with you on the board of your plane. The battery can be loaded in either direction to avoid any troubles during the dive.

Charging cradle

A special charging cradle is equipped with 5 LED indicators, which shows the battery pack charging status.
It also can be used for checking the level of your spare battery.

Remote controller ready
The light can be connected to the optional remote controller, which operates the light at the same stepless pattern as the main dial wheel. Up to two lights can be operated simultaneously with one remote controller.
*This product is under the development. Final images and features may vary.

Safety design

Rigid fully machined aluminum body is ready to be used in depths up to the 100 meters. The double O-rings sealing gives the best protection while keep the maintenance as easy as possible.

Brightness 3,500 lumen maximum
Color Temperature 6,500-7,000K
Materials Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
Size Diameter 65.5mm x 152.6mm
Beam Angle approx. 115 degrees
LED 1.2W Super high intensity white LED x 24
Depth Rating 100m(330 feet)
Usability in Air Not useable
Continuous Burn Time 60min. (max output) + 20min. (20% output)
Charge Time 3 hours max.
Buttery Capacity 3,100mAh
Lamp Life approx. 35,000 hours
Weight 498g (In air, with battery) / 295g (In water, with battery)
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