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Light output intensity up to 7,000 lumens
42 highly luminance white LEDs are together delivering up to the 7,000 lumens brightness. Approximately 115 degrees wide light beam without the center spot makes the Aquavolt 7000 an optimal and powerful light source for any professional underwater photographer or videographer.

Rear panel
The power switch, light intensity dial, status indicator and remote controller connector are located on the rear panel.
The remaining power and internal pressure is simply expressed via the status indicator. To avoid the damage during a rise of the internal pressure, the overpressure relief valve was set as the standard.

Full aluminum body
The corrosion resistant aluminum alloy body is designed to sustain the pressure of the depth up to the 100 meters. Smooth finishing gives the Aquavolt 7000 sharp and elegant look and the double o-ring joint is added to increase the protection against the flood damage.

High capacity batteries
The Li-Ion rechargeable high capacity batteries are capable of up to 55 minutes of consequent lighting and no discharge, nor batteries refreshing procedure is necessary. The Aquavolt 7000 is constructed with the tight flying regulations on mind and the batteries are easy to detach so the light can be carried in the on-board luggage.
* When battery charge becomes low, light will automatically reduce 20% output, giving about 20 minites additional continuous burn time.

Charging cradle
A special charging cradle is equipped with 5 LED indicators, which shows the battery pack charging status. It also can be used for checking the level of your spare battery.

Arm joint
The base adapter is ready to accommodate various arm makers’ joints, such as the Ultralight Control Systems, etc. Now you can enjoy and experiment with various lighting set ups.

Brightness 7,000 lumen maximum
Color Temperature 6,500-8,000K
Materials Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
Size Diameter 77mm x 161.8mm
Beam Angle approx. 115 degrees
LED Super high intensity white LED x 42
Depth Rating 100m(330 feet)
Usability in Air Not useable
Continuous Burn Time 55min. (max output) + 20min. (20% output)
Charge Time 4 hours max.
Buttery Capacity 6,200mAh (3,100mAh/cell)
Lamp Life approx. 35,000 hours
Weight 1,191g (In air, with battery) / 510g (In water, with battery)
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