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Worldwide acclaimed "FIX Light" series underwater lights. High light output LED equipped new model release!

1500 Lumen
Equipped with nine super high intensity white LED diodes, emitting 1500 lumen. From center to edge, uniform wide beam without waves or hotspots. Excellent for digital camera, video and general diving applications.

Exceptional reliability
Equipped with easy to grip, easy to open/close die cast aluminum cap, plus inner cap for installing and removing battery. Double caps help ensure no water drops drip into light. Also, glass fiber reinforced body for 100m (330 ft) depth resistance.

One-handed, full function, easy operation
Infinitely adjustable light output control dial and battery remaining charge indicator gauge. Besides standard light function, BLINK function also included, pulsing full light output once per second, for use as signal.

High capacity lithium ion battery
Equipped standard with lithium ion battery having 20% greater capacity compared to previous battery. 85-minute continuous burn time at full light output power setting. Previous FIX Light battery can also be used, or kept as a spare.

Flexible grip style
It can also be used as a main light for night diving with the included hand grip attached. By changing the angle of the attached grip, gun style or lantern style can be chosen depending on your preference or purpose.

Multi AC adapter
It enables to use all over the world.

FIX LED DX Twin Filter & Diffuser set
In addition to a soft diffuser, a red filter for observing or imaging shy and skittish subjects, and a color correcting yellow filter effective for warming image, will be available as options.

FIX LED DX Red Filter Blade
The red filter effective for appreciating nervous creatures or target light. Exchange the entire blade to the filter of the 6000K or 4500K to attach.

Remote controller compatible
An optional remote controller can be attached. When controller is attached to housing grip, ON/OFF and light output adjustment can be made while still gripping housing. Controller unit is universal type, so it can be used with any housing/camera models.

Ring Color Black, Red, Silver
LED 3 watt super high intensity white LED x 9 diodes
Brightness 1,500 lumen
Color Temperature 8,500-9,000K
Battery Type Rechargeable lithium-ion
Continuous Burn Time 85-300 min.
Usability in Air Usable (But not usable for long continusous time. At high temperatures, light output automatically reduce or lightnshuts off.)
Beam angle approx. 85 degrees
Depth Rating 100m(330 feet)
Lamp Life approx. 10,000 hours
Size Diameter 68mm x 149mm(2.7 x 5.9 inch)
Weight 450 gram(15.9 oz)
Contents Dedicated lithium ion battery, High speed battery charger, Multi AC adapter, Hand grip, Hand grip fixing screw, Strap with hook, O-ring grease, O-ring removal tool, Spare O-ring set
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