Fisheye Conversion Lens UWL-28M52R

28mm Ultra Compact Fisheye Lens

With the UWL-28M52R an ultra wide photography with approximate FOV of 168 degree and 0.41 magnification is possible with 28mm (35mm resp.) lens cameras.
Inert gas is injected into the lens to keep the fogging possibility due the temperature difference on the minimum. The UWL-28M52R has M52 thread and can be mount directly on housings equipped with the M52* thread. For prevention and lens protection of the flare , exclusive flower-shaped hood is attached.
*With optional FIX Wide Adapter Ring F52-M67, even housing of the M67 mount is usable.

with Nauticam Housing
with Olympus Housing

without UWL-28M52R
It's a flat...
with UWL-28M52R
More perspective image.
without UWL-28M52R
When you shoot the large subject, you must keep distance from the subject.
with UWL-28M52R
To improve the color reproducibility.


Construction 5 groups, 5 elements
Magnification 0.41x
Body material Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy
Size 126dia x 85mm
Weight (in air) 526g
Weight (underwater) 165g
Depth rating 60m/200ft
Lens Mount M52
Bundled items Dome lens cover, Rear cap, Allen wrench


FIX M52 Lens Holder


●Vignetting may occur depending on the kind of camera and the housing. Please use it on this occasion at the zoom position where vignetting dissolves.
●A mount screw thread can be detached, only the thread can be exchanged when the thread is worn or bruised.