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Experience the dynamic colors of u/w fluorescence

The NEO Blue Light emits a unique blue light frequency to excite proteins in many marine subject to create unique florescent video and photo opportunities. A bundled phosphor filter converts blue light to white light.

Optional filters for Fluo Diving

It is necessary to observe/photograph the fluorescence in diving that the mask or the lens filters are used to block the visible blue light.

FIX NEO White Filter

It can also be used as a normal white light by attaching the included "FIX NEO White Filter".


Three buttons give total control over the light. Press the round button to power the light on. Press again to cycle between 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% power. Hold the button to turn the light off. The right and left buttons can be used to increase and decrease the light output in 1% increments. There is also a lock switch to use while traveling, and by pushing the power button at the same time as the left or right button, you can access SOS and flashing modes for emergency use.


Lumens power 3600lmW
Beam angle 100deg
Continuous burn time 90mins
Usability in air Usable(25% or less)
Charge time 2 hours
Battery capacity 3100mAh
Materials Aluminum alloy, Reinforced resin
Depth rating 100m
Size 55dia x L117mm
Weight (in air) 345g
Weight (underwater) 115g
Color Blue
Bundled items Li-ion Battery 3100L/NEO Charger/Charging Plug II/Charging Connector Cap II/Phosphor filter/NEO Gungrip/NEO YS Base/Ball Adapter/GoPro Adapter/Loc-Line Adapter/Wrist Lanyard/Spare O-ring/O-ring Remover/O-ring Grease/Allen Key/Lock Screw

a unique blue light frequency