About Us

FIX is an original brand from Fisheye, a Japanese underwater imaging equipment maker.

Fisheye Co.,Ltd

Fisheye Co.,Ltd was founded as a professional trading company for underwater imaging equipment in 1995. After operating as the general Japanese agency for Ultralight Control Systems, Light & Motion, Gates etc. from US, we started developing and selling our original brand and launched ‘FIX.
We acquired SEA&SEA Co., Ltd in 2021. We have been gaining great acclaim from many underwater imaging enthusiasts by currently dealing in a wide range of products as a Japanese sales agent for Nauticam, Weefine, AOI, etc. on top of our original brand FIX and SEA&SEA.

FIX brand

FIX is an original brand from Fisheye Co.,Ltd that utilizes the know-how fostered as a professional trading company for underwater imaging equipment to realize user needs and pursues product development. We make products with multiple functions, high performance and user-friendliness enabled by precise design unique to Japan.
Our current main product, the underwater light FIX NEO series, mounts high powered LEDs on its extremely compact body. It is also committed to excellent color reproducibility and has been evaluated highly as a light for underwater imaging.
We have also been working on product development of electro-thermal vests to help make diving and underwater imaging more pleasant. We will soon be introducing it to you as the ‘FIX UNDER WARMER HEAT VEST’, cold protection goods that immediately start generating heat when switched ON.

Fisheye Co.,Ltd

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